Carryout or Pub Garden Pickup Available
​Say "Pub Garden Pickup" and we'll bring it out to your car when you arrive! 

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​​Although we lean toward session and English styles, our beer runs the gamut! The tap list always includes a nice variety of brews for tastes across the board. 

Everyone always asks about how we name the beer. We like to pay homage to the past and to the people in our lives. Whether it's Boxcar Brown named for the railroad legacy of our hometown or 13, our American Black Ale, named for the 13 graves in the Warner-Lewis Cemetery where Chip's great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents are buried, the naming convention fits for us. Even if it's just a great inside joke! Most of our beer names have some sort of meaning or tribute behind them...if you're curious about any of them, just ask! Some may be more entertaining than others.



Even the names of our menu items have significance. Some are named after cities in Wales and some are named after one of 600 castles in the Welsh countryside like Kidwelly, which was first built in the 1200s. We were lucky enough to explore the narrow winding staircases and murder holes first hand!

We carry our love of food and need to make things with our own hands into our menu. Our pizza dough, sauce, sides,  dips and specials are made in-house by our crew. Fresher is better and you deserve to eat real food with your great local beer!

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